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The Rolling On Project

I am planning to tour all of the acoustic music sessions and venues in the UK over the next few years for a book and film celebrating the movement we are all part of.


I am part of Strummers (www.strummers.org) and ran cluzionmusic (www.cluzionmusic.org.uk) and all of the acoustic music programming at the Plough and Fleece Community Pub (Horningsea, Cambridge) including the weekly session, monthly gigs and the annual 3 day acoustic Greenstage Festival and I want to 'go walkabout' to spread the word and stories and songs on the way.


The Plough and Fleece has echoed with the sound of stories and songs since the mid 1700’s and it’s this unbroken tradition that led us to write the lyric for ‘Rolling On’ opposite and this song provides the focal point for the project, sharing that and other songs with like minded musicians, music lovers, promoters, venues and sessions whilst soaking up the fabulous live acoustic music on offer in every corner of the UK.


Let me know if you are interested in offering a spot to play or if you want further info about the project - needless to say, open invite for you and yours to come and play at our place!


Here's the punters at the monthly sunday session at The Cock Inn at Hatfield Broad Oak in Essex giving it large for the Rolling On recording - and see below for the latest mix with over 500 people joining in. Can't wait to hear what it sounds like when we hit the 1000 mark!

Cock Inn HBO Roling On at The Cock Inn Rolling on Rolling On with 500 + people! Milkmaid 6small

'Rolling On' wins the Milkmaid Folk Club Songwriting award 2017

(with MFC's John Bosely)

Milkmaid Folk Club

songwriting competition winner 2017